We understand the challenges parents face when your child is struggling with ADD/ADHD.   

Watching your child  struggle to pay attention, achieve good grades, complete tasks, sit still, and be organized can be difficult and heartbreaking.   

 And of course, ADD/ADHD is downright frustrating for your child who experiences these challenges on a daily basis.


There is hope! 

With our holistic approach, we look for the root cause of your  child’s ADD/ADHD symptoms. In doing so, we look at the whole person – both mind and body.

We utilize a two-step process. Step one allows your  your child experience results quickly. Step two allows us to work with your childs physiology on a deeper level to achieve a long-term sustainable outcome.  


Imagine your child bringing home A’s and B’s on his or her report card with less effort. Imagine them being  more focused on tasks at hand while exhibiting balanced activity levels. Your phone no longer rings with those dreaded calls from the teacher.

How would that feel?

In just a short time your child will experience measurable improvements and in some cases, complete elimination of the symptoms of ADD/ADHD naturally and without any side effects.

Ready to Live Your Best Life?!

More Than Just Meds

Are you looking for a natural and safe alternative that really works?

In most cases, the only solution offered to your child is a prescription drug for a stimulant like Ritalin or Adderall, which have negative side effects.

We find that although many parents are desperate and willing to give a prescription drug a try, they reluctantly do so and do not see it as a long term solution to their child’s symptoms. You may be feeling the same way.

Our unique, holistic approach focuses on your child as a person and provides an alternative to prescriptions drugs. If you have tried the prescription drug approach and find you and your child still need help or if you are looking for an alternative solution to the pharmaceutical route, our approach can provide the comprehensive analysis and outcome you are looking for.

Getting to the Root Cause

The first step in our process for treating ADD/ADHD utilizes Microcurent Neurofeedback (MCNF) to help retrain your child’s brain in a very non-invasive and passive way.  After your child’s initial “training session,” you may notice helpful changes. Initially, the changes your child experiences may be temporary due to the cumulative nature of MCN, but with a series of sessions the cumulative effects can be substantial.

If necessary, the next step in our process looks for the underlying or ‘root cause’ of your child’s ADD/ADHD symptoms and what may be causing imbalances in their brain chemistry. For some, a few simple tweaks are all that’s needed. For others, multiple causes may be at play.

The key is lies in understanding that all brain disorders are systemic whereby the whole body can affect the brain. We utilize an evidenced-based, holistic approach that may also include advanced testing to uncover hidden causes and exposures to environmental and industrial toxins like chemicals, pesticides, mold, or heavy metals along with certain nutritional deficiencies or a leaky gut. We focus on finding and removing barriers that impede the restoration health and optimal brain function.

Our process also works for adults who find themselves struggling with ADD/ADHD.

Life can be Different

Our Micorcurrent Neurofeedback technology is FDA registered. In our experience, children become more focused, attentive, relaxed, calm and collected. They may also exhibit improved memory, sleep, speech patterns,  and a more balanced mood and demeanor in as few as three sessions. Some clients require maintenance visits now and then, but for most, the benefits are long lasting.  


What could be causing my child’s ADD/ADHD?

ADD/ADHD has no single underlying cause, which means it’s more important than ever to identify possible underlying causes. Some of the most common contributors include B vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, amino acid deficiencies, preservatives and processed foods, an unhealthy diet, food sensitivities, leaky gut, environmental or heavy metal toxicity, excessive screen time in front of electronics, and a lack of physical activity.

Is there a connection between my gut and my brain health?

Absolutely! Your gut plays a far more significant role in brain health than you may think. In fact, mounting research shows that problems in your gut can directly impact your mental health leading to issues like ADD/ADHD.

Your Body’s Protective Barriers

Your Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) is a protective layer in the circulatory system of your brain. It serves to block chemicals and other substances from entering your brain and causing damage to vital tissues. It also allows nutrients to enter your brain while removing harmful debris.

Chronic cellular inflammation along with other oxidative factors causes increased permeability of the blood brain barrier leading to ‘leaky brain’. This hyper-permeability allows substances to cross the blood brain barrier, and this contamination can impact brain function negatively and cause symptoms.

The lining of your intestinal tract is comprised of epithelial cells that fit tightly together. When a condition is present called leaky gut, these cells have gaps in between them. This causes hyper-permeability of the gut lining, allowing food particles and other substances to leak through into the blood stream. Leaky gut causes symptoms like bloating, gas, cramping, chronic diarrhea, constipation. Research shows that individuals with leaky gut also exhibit a variety of brain symptoms including ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, and more.

Chances are, if you have a leaky gut you also have leaky brain.  Specialized gut testing helps us assess the integrity of your gut. When a leaky gut, imbalanced gut flora, and the presence of pathogenic bacteria or parasites are detected, we address it with an evidence-based, customized protocol to heal the gut and optimize brain function.

Causes of Leaky gut and Leaky brain

Leaky gut and leaky brain happen for the same reasons.

  • Chronic stress
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Poor diet and antioxidant status
  • Head trauma
  • Food additives
  • Oxidative stress
  • Sleep issues
  • Chronic infections

By addressing the underlying causative factors associated with leaky gut and leaky brain, symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD can be eliminated.

What is IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback?

Microcurrent neurofeedback (MCN) is a treatment designed to help your brain reboot itself. We specialize in a ground-breaking type of neurofeedback called IASIS. Unlike a traditional mircorcurrent neruorfeedback device, IASIS micorcurrent neurofeedback (IMCN) produces fast results in a limited number of sessions. In fact, 85% of our clients report experiencing a positive response in only one to three sessions. These changes are generally long lasting and sustainable.

IMCN works by producing a measurable change in brain waves without any conscious effort from the individual receiving the feedback. The result is a transformed brain wave state and an improved ability for your brain and nervous system to regulate by itself.

IASIS MCN is a FDA registered was designed to address a number of conditions including ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and more. 

Our Process

Your body is an amazing organism that was designed to heal itself and maintain health. You do not have to live with chronic and debilitating conditions of the mind and body. We have the answers.


Our initial comprehensive assessment sets the stage and helps to ensure that we can help support you on your health journey.


Customized testing and appropriate lab work, detailed case history, personal background and more allows us to understand you and help to identify the root causes of your health challenges.


Meet one-on-one to report our findings and help you understand what is causing your health crisis and what the first steps to begin healing are.


Through the process of mindset, muscle testing, nutrition, drainage, detox, and other modalities we consistently monitor and manage you through your protocols and care plan.