Our health coaching programs provide our clients amazing results.

We coach clients both in our office location and across the country virtually via the phone and Skype. Although we consider ourselves to be experts in what we do, we do not pretend to be experts in every health condition. Therefore, the first step is to find out if we can help you. Dr. Thompson offers every prospective clients a one time complimentary phone consultation.

Focusing on the underlying cause rather than covering symptoms with herbs and medications, approach to health and healing is very different from most holistic practitioners and medical doctors. We do not offer a “quick fix” solution to your health challenges. Our clients are walked step-by-step through their own customized health coaching program. This individualized and personal approach produces amazing health transformations that we see in our office every day. The process also requires some hard work and dedication on the part of the client. Your health didn’t get to its current state of decline overnight, and it would not be realistic to think that all of your symptoms will be gone in a short time span.

Empowering our clients with the education, resources, and tools they need is our passion. This is assisted with steady incremental changes that provide them the lifelong results they are seeking.

Your First Visit

What we do at our office is very unique and different. It is what we do different that gets the results where others may fail concerning your health and getting your life back.

Step One

A comprehensive one-on-one consultation with the doctor will be done to discuss your health issues and goals, and to help determine what may be the cause. In your first appointment we will perform a few tests.

Examples of these preliminary tests include:

Body Composition, Lipid Peroxidation Urine Analysis, Vision Contrast Sensitivity, and an Orthostatic Test.

These are all non-invasive and done in-office. You will also receive a comprehensive review of the Neurotoxic Questionnaire. This information will further help determine the precise cause of your problem. ​

At the Consultation, Dr. Thompson will review with you:

  • Your in-office test results
  • The underlying cause of your problem(s).
  • How it is affecting your health currently and how it will affect it in the future.
  • What will need to be done in order for you to achieve proper healing and optimum health.
  • How long it will take and the cost of your customized program.

Step Two

Once you have been accepted as a client we will design a customized program for you. In this program we will begin addressing the underlying cause of your symptoms and illness. We will also address any cellular inflammation, toxicities, and deficiencies. You will be seen for follow-up visits approximately every four weeks depending on the client and severity of their health challenges.

Clients who are what we call “severely sick and sensitive” may need some additional hand holding in the beginning and will need to be seen more frequently, while others may begin to make progress very quickly and will need to be seen less frequently. We will walk with you step-by-step as you embark on your new health journey while looking forward to celebrating your future success.