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They Can Have Overlapping Symptoms

Research shows that traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)  are actually two conditions with overlapping symptoms. PTSD is often thought of as a psychological issue when it’s actually a brain disorder.

Symptomatically, patients with PTSD and TBIs can both have mood and personality changes, anxiety, and depression. But when we take a deeper look, we see that patients with TBI have decreased activity in the prefrontal cortex, temporal lobes, and cerebellum. These are the parts of the brain that manage self-control of mood and behavior, memory, and coordinated movement.

Patients with PTSD, on the other hand, have increased activity in the limbic system, basal ganglia, prefrontal cortex, cerebellum, and temporal, occipital, and parietal lobes. These regions are involved in fear processing and emotional regulation, sensory processing, and integration of information. 

Our Approach

We take a full-body approach that takes into account lifestyle, environmental toxins, inflammation, and of course, nutrition. We also utilize microcurrent neurofeedback (MCN).

MCN does not train the brain like traditional neurofeedback. Rather, it “retrains” the brain and CNS (central nervous system) by allowing it to reorganize itself and shift from its formerly fixed patterns.  This is analogous to re-booting a computer.

Our experience shows that more than 85% of our clients observe a noticeable positive response in one (1) to three (3) sessions. For example, more than 85% of mild/moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) clients report a reduction in head pain, brain fog, impulsivity and better sleep during the first few sessions. The same is also true for those suffering from PTSD. Reported changes are generally enduring and sustainable.

Our Process

Your body is an amazing organism that was designed to heal and express health.  You do not have to live with chronic and debilitating conditions of the mind and body.  We have the answers.


Our initial comprehensive assessment lays the groundwork for healing and allows our team to support you on your health journey.


Customized testing and appropriate lab work, detailed case history, personal background, and more allows us to understand you and help to identify the root causes of your health challenges


Through one-on-one meetings, you’ll receive full reports of our findings. These will help you understand what is causing your health crisis and hows to begin healing.


By improving mindset, muscle testing, nutrition, drainage, detox, and other modalities, we consistently monitor and assist you through your protocols and care plan.